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LineBreak - Your ultimate training partner 

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So cool to be aligned with a watch that I have worn for over 10 years....Never go a day without it!!! 

"Go Hard - Ride Hard" 

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Ritual Hockey

Great to be aligned with one of the leading Hockey brands around the world! 

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Speight's Ale House Napier

Tony and Speights Ale House in Napier has been a long time supporter of me and my hockey career, without it I would have struggled to get to where I am now and I am extremely grateful for his support.

The Speight's Ale House Napier

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ASICS New Zealand

I get all my training gear and playing shoes supplied to me by ASICS. This association has helped me to excel on the World Stage due to using the best gear for all my Hockey needs.

ASICS is an acronym for the Latin saying Anima Sana In Corpore Sano which means Sound Mind, Sound Body.

ASICS New Zealand

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Epplett and Co Ltd

Epplett and Co Ltd and Neil Lawrence have helped me with my tax returns and making sure I do everything in the right way which has been invaluable over the past 3 years.

Epplett and Co Ltd

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Due to the amount of travel I do within NZ and having two bases that I live in (Auckland & Napier) it is awesome to have a gym that is known throughout NZ to be involved with. City Fitness have top quality weights and fitness gear to keep me in prime condition for when I need to train and compete for NZ! What more can you ask for!!

City Fitness

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Hawke's Bay Hockey

Hawkes Bay is where I started my Hockey career and grew into the player that I am today. Hawkes Bay Hockey has assisted me along the way and has continued to increase its support and acknowledgement.

Hawke's Bay Hockey

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iSystems Limited

Julian Goodbehere from iSystems Limited has just come on board to boost my profile and bring you this world class website.

iSystems Limited

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Andrew and the team at Photosport take amazing photos as you can see all through my website. I am extremely grateful that I have permission to use these World Class photos on my website!


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PAKLINE have come on board as one of the 23 Hawkes Bay Community Sponsors of the Blacksticks Men's and Women's teams. I am a lucky enough to be associated with Rod and Angela Miller with their family who run PAKLINE but are also keen hockey supporters through their daughter Aly! It's great to have people who support me on any level!


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